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EMI coatings

Electrical and electronic equipment and receiver are sources of electric and magnetic fields and electromagnetic waves. The reliable operation of all of these devices requires appropriate measures to secure their electromagnetic compatibility (EMI). Untreated plastic housings offer, for example, rarely protection against electromagnetic interference. Through the application of conductive surface coatings on electromagnetic compatibility can be achieved. The effectiveness of a shield depends in large parts on the coating.

We offer EMI coatings of the highest technical level, while keeping environmental safety and recycling always in mind. Using our proprietary coating technology CREASHIELD ® we get:

  • Excellent shielding
  • Simple and inexpensive production
  • Low thermal influence on the plastic housing
  • High environmental safety

The CREASHIELD ® technology brings different metallic coatings on substrates made ​​of plastic, metal or glass by PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) using thermal evaporation. Depending on your preference – we can apply single or multiple layers.

Applications are for example:

  • Cu-Ni/Cr-layers (shielding and corrosion protection) for the automotive industry
  • Cu-Sn layers (shielding and solder ability)
  • Aluminium layers (shielding)
  • Gold coatings for medical applications (e.g. hearing aids)

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