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IR Reflection

The principle of the PVD process with the CREASHIELD ® technology is used in many ways - even in reflective coating. On transparent substrates, we achieve a reflection of up to 98% of the IR radiation with simultaneous transmission in the visible light range of approximately 10%. In addition, we can apply additional coatings or paints on the IR-reflecting layer, for example to increase the scratch resistance.

Applications for these coatings include:

  • Heat protection visors for hardening plants, foundries and fire departments
  • Welding safety glasses
  • coating of mirrors and scanners
  • Technical applications
  • coating with gold in the medical field

With our reflective coatings on metal base, we meet the European standards for IR protection, e.g. IR filter for eye protection, DIN EN 171 and for welding filters with the standard DIN EN 169.

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