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By means of metallization in a vacuum we can coat surfaces of substrates such as plastic, glass and ceramics – in a decorative or functional style. Decorative packaging in the cosmetics industry can be easily coated just as reflection coating layers in automotive lighting. During the vacuum thermal coating process, we evaporate various metals which then condense on the corresponding substrate (different layer thicknesses are available). The use of sputter coating with the appropriate technology is also possible.

With this technology, we achieve very good reflective properties and also excellent electromagnetic shielding. Applications for metallization layers include:

  • EMC-layers in the electric - and communication technology
  • Mirrors and reflectors
  • Luminaries
  • Trim parts in cars
  • Decorative coatings for jewellery and cosmetic packaging

Our CREAMET® EMC  500 consists of a vertical water-cooled vacuum chamber (box coater) in stainless steel. Discrete and continuous thermal evaporation provides an optimum coating result which is continuously controlled by an in-situ film thickness measurement. The substrate holder is flexible, gas inlet and control systems (including HMDS) are possible. In addition to EMC-coatings, with the CREAMET ® 500 EMC other coatings such as decorative coatings, reflective coatings, corrosion protective coatings, solder able coatings on glass or metal substrates are realized. The CREAMET® EMC 500 is suitable for production as well as for laboratory and small production runs.

The CREAMET® EMC 1200 is designed as a production facility and fully equipped with our CREASHIELD ® process for large substrate quantities and dimensions is. The vacuum chamber is constructed horizontally and is made of stainless steel. The system control and design process is automated. A powerful vacuum pumps as well as discrete and continuous thermal evaporator guarantee a consistent result coating on all substrates.

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