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For coatings of substrates with a relatively short process cycle time, we developed the rapid CREAMET ® 425 and the CREAMET ® 515th in order to increase the efficiency.

The rapid CREAMET ® 425 is a short-cycle plant with a batch time of 5 minutes. Substrates which are coated with the CREAMET ® rapid 425 are especially used in the reflectors in the car industry.

The CREAMET ® rapid 515 can be combined with different metallization. The process cycle time for a pure aluminum metallization is about 4 minutes, in combination with an HMDS coating about 6 minutes. The CREAMET ® rapid 515 has an optimal combination of powerful vacuum pump system compared to its chamber size.

Both metallization systems can also be combined with a protective coating HMDS (plasma). Both machines have our patented ceramic-evaporator system which operates on the basis of long-term thermal evaporator
(> 250 lots).