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Thermal Evaporation

Our machines with thermal evaporators include the following examples. The plants always have a high vacuum pump system based on dry or oil-sealed vacuum pumps.

Our CREAMET® HAu 400 is a desktop unit with a working surface for thermal evaporation with an in-situ layer control. The vacuum chamber has a glass cover and a substrate cooling. The CREAMET ® 400 HAu works with a coating system including an x-y positioning. The accuracy is <0.1 mm.

Our CREAMET ® BC 12 OLED is a high vacuum coating system with an integrated glove box. The two chamber system is equipped with a plasma activation and coating unit. The substrate transport takes place automatically, 12 thermal evaporators can be regulated individually. For optimal substrate masking the CREAMET ® BC 12 OLED is equipped with a vacuum mask change system.

Another example of our research and laboratory equipment is our CREAMET ® EMC 250. With this machine a variety of substrates can be thermally coated - up to a layer thickness of 2μm - on one or on all sides. The chamber assembly is vertically with an integrated, implosion-secure glass cap. Our CREAMET EMC ® 250 is a portable desktop unit with a compact design.

Our deco CREAMET ® 100 is our smallest high-vacuum coating system. It has a chamber with a diameter of 100 mm and up to two thermal evaporation systems can be integrated. This allows the use for demonstration and laboratory experiments.

To coat micro-substrates with silver or gold, we developed the CREAMET ® 350/450 BC E. The layer thickness control is realized via an in-situ frequency calibration. Our CREAMET ® 350/450 BC E has two water-cooled thermal evaporator systems and a single 4- shutter system, which is controlled separately.